This terrific photograph of two young girls from Yallourn, Susanne Fewster and Dianne Stevenson, was part of an S.E.C promotional article regarding the town library in 1952.

The establishment of the library at Yallourn is a lengthy episode in the town’s history. References, regarding a basic library at the camp, can be traced back to the 1920’s as shown …

“The Recreation Club under the secretaryship of the Rev. P. H. Dicker has furnished a library with daily and weekly papers, magazines and lending books.” Source: ‘Yallourn News’ (as featured in the ‘Morwell Advertiser’) May 22nd, 1922 Page: 3,

It is documented that, in later years, there was a reading room located in the R.S.S.I.L.A (to become known as the R.S.L) clubroom; and in 1939 the R.D. Dixon Library was opened at the Yallourn Technical School. A little known fact is that the Dixon Library was the consequence of a most magnanimous individual gesture…

“When Mr Dixon resigned in 1938 …The Yallourn Civic Association presented him with a cheque for 56 pounds. He used this to establish a public reference library which was housed at the technical school…”  Source: ‘Yallourn Was’ Page 100.

Following the cessation of hostilities of World War:II and the burgeoning population of the township (approx 4,100 in 1947), the need for a community library (with a separate section devoted to children’s literature ) was evident.


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