6 Meadow Lane

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Meadow Lane
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The Salvos Band used to march up to the corner of Meadow Lane and Latrobe Ave and start playing hymns and carols. The privet hedge had to be pulled out when the SEC put in all those low wood and chain link front fences. It was great to live so close to the swimming pool, particularly after the old snake infested mud hole was replaced by the Olympic Pool...Leanne
Immediate Neighbours: 8 - Les & Em Smith; 4 Mr & Mrs Grey
Nearby Neighbours: 3 - Mr & Mrs Warren; 5 - George & Beryl Kimberley; 7 - Mrs Amos; 9 - reserved for local copper; 10 - Benson; 12 - Coulthard; 14 - Humprhies

Johnstone 6 Meadow Lane
Pascall 6 Meadow Lane
Beck 6 Meadow Lane
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Eric Johnstone - 6 Meadow Lane

Photo of Eric Johnstone (left). The man on the right was the best man at his wedding but his name is unknown.


The Yallourn Cycle Club prepared a float for a parade in Yallourn in the early 1960s in the driveway of 6 Meadow Lane Yallourn. Both Robert and William Johnstone were track and road racing cyclists and Eric Johnstone was a keen organiser and supporter for the club.


This photograph of snow falling in Yallourn was taken from the front verandah of 6 Meadow Lane, Yallourn in the 60s I think. The house in the photo is where Mrs Warren lived and the two story house on the left was where the Hilditchs lived.