16 Meadow Lane

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Meadow Lane
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3 Bedrooms, lounge, large kitchen/dining room. Open fires in lounge and dining area. Bath and chip heater in bathroom - no shower. Large entrance hall at front of house.

Immediate neighbours - Mr & Mrs Cooper & 3 growing children - Edna, Rex & Maurie Across Road - Mr & Mrs Mathison and Bruce Walking down road to bushland where there wa a track to Hernes Oak
General Comments: 
Only lived here for 6 years when family moved to outskirts of Morwell (Driffield). Travelled to YHES per bus for 6 years, then after a break of 3 years, travelled by bus to YHS as Secretary to Principal.
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Memories Resident Family House

Immediate Neighbours: Cooper, Collins
Nearby Neighbours: Across the road - Mr & Mrs Mathison

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