52 Narracan Avenue

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Narracan Avenue
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My wife,Rosemary. (now deceased) and I said on many occasions that our years at Yallourn were amongst the happiest that we spent. I was a primary school teacher, and received an appointment to the Yallourn Primary School, to begin in 1959. We were not able to get a residence in Yallourn at the time, and so we spent some months in Moe. We moved into 52 Narracan Avenue, in May, 1959.We had two daughters, Jenny and Sue, at that time, and in 1964 adopted a baby boy in 1964.
We were often amazed with the marvellous facilities within the town. Sports grounds aplenty, a
very good hospital, tree-lined streets which were a riot of colour in the Autumn months, and public gardens many towns would have been very jealous of. Home repairs and improvements were catered for by the S.E.C. which made life easier. But most of all, were the very friendly people, who made one feel welcome.

Julie George

Wed, 08/06/2011 - 16:18

Hello Mr Foster...You were my Grade 4 teacher in 1963. Helen Hender was just talking about you the other day and your daughters. I've sent you a separate email. Best wishes...Julie George (Francis)

helen fischer …

Wed, 08/06/2011 - 19:26

Hi Mr Foster, I was friends with Jenny up until we moved at the end of 1965 (grade 5). I am the one who is your niece Meredithe's friend. I never got over moving away from Yallourn, we moved to Moe and it was soooo different. Yallourn being so picturesque and friendly as you say. If it was still there I would be living there still. Hope to see you soon.
Helen Fischer (Hender)