53 Narracan Avenue

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Narracan Avenue
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Back references from House in Tenancy for Place: 53 Narracan Avenue
Memories Resident Family House

Neighbours: 51 Narracan Ave - Mr & Mrs Tom Price & family; 50 Narracan Ave - Mr & Mrs George Cockburn & family; 50 Latrobe Ave - Mrs Erwin; 52 Latrobe Ave - Mr & Mrs Whitmore

Previous Occupant: 53 Narracan Ave - Mr & Mrs Kite

Duxbury 53 Narracan Avenue

Coaldust on the washing. Margaret playing softball for Yallourn. Boys playing soccer for Yallourn Juniors. Mrs Tibballs running the kindergarten; shopping at Rockmans; D'Alterios General Store; Yallourn Cinema, Work Social Club Balls at Kernot Hall.

Immediate Neighbours: Wright
Nearby Neighbours: Cockburn, Gibson, Dudek, Vines

Johns 53 Narracan Avenue
Turner 53 Narracan Avenue