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Bob 64 Parkway

In August 1946, we moved into a four bedroom timber house at 64 Parkway, the nursery was on the opposite side of the road run by Jock Lawson. Temporary shops were built after WW2 near the National Bank and these shops lasted for 20 years.

In 1946, Bob went to the High School to attend 6th class (Primary), our teacher was Mr Edmundson (sons Gavin and Brian – same year). Very neatly printed at the top of the blackboard was written:
“Good, Better, Best, Never Let It Rest, Until Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best”. Mr Edmundson certainly guided a lot of pupils through his classes, in a very effective manner. Other primary teachers Bob remembers were Miss Partington (Grade 1) – seemed old and harsh at the time who could wield the strap – but was a good teacher. Miss Mary Williams (Grade 4) a lovely teacher who gave the students stamps on their work or hand when they did good work or were well behaved. On special occasions, a boiled sweet from a large jar was given to the lucky student. Mary later married Alan Ford, a YTS teacher and the Headmaster was Mr Lindsay.

“Monitors” were appointed to look after various tasks before class. “Fire”, in cold weather would collect the firewood, set the fire and light the fire. “Blackboard”, clean the blackboard and replace small pieces of chalk with new ones. “Ink”, wash ink wells in clean water, dry and fill ink wells from a large bottle. “Yard”, patrol the school grounds, pick up rubbish and place in bins. On Monday mornings, we would assemble in the quadrangle, listen to and sing “God Save The Queen”, then listen to any announcements from the Headmaster and march by two’s to our classrooms.

We were all taught to swim by Hughie Graham (father of David) in the natural swimming pool opposite the ovals which was filled by swamp and town drainage water. In 1947, Llloy Chudleigh, Ian Broberg, George Fullwood and Bob Garver were target markets at the Yallourn Rifle Range, receiving 5 shillings for the Saturday afternoon’s work.

From 1947 to 1950, Bob attended YTS (Junior). Bus trips were a highlight for the students – Melbourne Show, Technical Schools Athletic Sports at Glenferrie Oval, various football and cricket matches. Our school song was sung loudly on the way to the fixture and on the way home:
"Who are we
You may guess
We are the boys from the YTS.
Roll em, bowl em, pitch em in tar
We are the Tech boys, ya ya ya"

The football matches between the students and teachers were a highlight of the year for both participants and spectators.

8th July 1950 – Chris married Geoff Flower (from Traralgon) in St John’s Church, Yallourn. The Rifle Club became one of the most successful clubs in Australia. In 1951, the Club had three members in the State team of eight – Fred Farmer, Jim Garvin and Allan Schroeder. The range was closed in 1953 because the danger area encroached on Coach Road, the final shoot being held on 25th July. The Yallourn Club shot at the Moe Rifle Range until July 1964 when it was disbanded, its assets and members transferring to the Moe Rifle Club.

In 1951, Bob started a Mechanical Engineering Diploma at YTS and in 1952, joined the SEC as a Survey Trainee. Chief Surveyor was Herb Hill – Surveyors were Bert Champion, Reg McConnell, Jack Baillie, Syd Hough and Survey Draftsman Horrie Barr.

From 1953 to 1955, Bob completed a Civil Engineering Diploma at YTS. Principals were Mr Baker, then Edgar Scott. Some of the staff were Peter Broughton, Alan Ford, Geoff Fountain, Joe Hunt, GA Jenkins, Claude Jones, “Stiffy” Marshall, Ken Rowe, Peter Senior, Jack Taylor and Gordon Veitch. Students were Roger Bacon, Alan Bliss, Brian Boyes, Anton Christianson, Russell Coster, Laurie Culph, Alan Donaldson, Dick Donchi, Stan Green, Geoff Hall, Colin Harvey, George Holding, John Hutchinson, John Jones, Bruce King, Herman Kohler, Bill Mack, Don Mitchlemore, Richard Mullane, Barry Nuttall, Joe Reilly, Alan Scott, B Scott, R Singer, Alan Smith, Peter Spurrier, Irving Stephens, Peter Travis and Peter Turner.

23 February 1953 – Jim was appointed to the position of Coal Operations Superintendent, Production (Coal) Yallourn at 20 pounds 5 shillings per week, plus availability allowance of 6 shillings and 8 pence per week. In 1954, Jim received his Bachelor of Under Management at Queen’s College, Melbourne University, with 50 other senior SEC officers. Nell played croquet for a number of years, joined CWA and enjoyed gardening.

In March 1954, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Yallourn. They were warmly welcomed by the many groups of townspeople during the motorcade on a warm and sunny day. Joan worked at the National Bank in Yallourn and did relieving work at branches in Western Victoria.

29th April 1955 – Jim was appointed Superintendent, Yallourn Open Cut, Production (Coal) Yallourn – salary 1750 pounds per annum.

27th September 1958, Bob married Marie Byng in the Presbyterian Church, Dandenong. In October, Bob and Marie lived in a two-bedroom house in “White City” Morwell, an SEC town on the edge of the open cut. (Like Yallourn, long since gone.) In July 1959, Bob, Marie and 3-month old son, Neil, sailed for Ocean Island, Central Pacific to work on this small phosphate island. What a surprise to meet a fellow student from YTS, Gary Head, a mechanical draftsman and wife, Suzette.

19th December 1959, Joan married Roy Newell (Moe) in Yallourn Presbyterian Church.

In 1961, an announcement was made that Yallourn was to be dismantled to enable the coal under the town to be mined.

Immediate Neighbours: 62 - Max & Gwen Claxton, Wendy & Ray; 66 - Bill (Elect Eng) & Jean Hall, Don & Geoff
Nearby Neighbours: 54 - Radford family; 56 - Mr Menadue (Headmaster High School); 58 - Cecil & Mrs Cain (nurse), Margaret; 60 - Mr & Mrs Stephens, Irving & sisters; 68 - Frank (fireman) & Mrs Vogel, 2 children; 70 - Don (Municipal Engineer) & Joy Francis, Richard, Brian, Sue, Chris, Julie & Martin; Murray MacRae (Mech Eng) & family; 2 Uplands - Bill (Elec Eng) & Mrs Guy, Lyn & Alan; 46 Fairfield Ave (behind us) - Fred & Una Stott & daughter; 17 Southway - Mr (Eng PS) & Mrs Boyes, Brian, Ann & David; 20 Westbook Rd - "Snow & Mrs Pruden, Russell; 9 Banksia Cres - Bill (Municipal) & Mrs Dowd, Kathleen

Garvin 64 Parkway

Electoral Roll 6 Nov 1968

Braun 64 Parkway
Mullens 64 Parkway
Vizkelety 64 Parkway
Urieze 64 Parkway
Berryman 64 Parkway
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64 Parkway - Garvin Family

Joan Garvin - 8 July 1950

64 Parkway
64 Parkway - Garvin Family

Joan, Beryl, Bob + Jim Garvin - 1947

64 Parkway
64 Parkway - Garvin Family

Chris (nursed by mum) Nell - overlooking Lakes Entrance - Easter 1931

64 Parkway
64 Parkway - Garvin Family

Joan + Jim Garvin with bridesmaid Beryl going into the Presbyterian Church

64 Parkway
64 Parkway - Garvin Family

Beryl, Geoff, Chris Flower + Joan - wedding shot - 8th July 1950

64 Parkway