30 Southway

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3 bedroom solid brick rough cast render, arch front porch - 3 windows in front bedroom and 2 windows in next bedroom.

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Back references from House in Tenancy for Place: 30 Southway
Memories Resident Family House

Rent for house was 3 pounds, 7 shillings - paid extra rent for the garage.
Family before were Brewer's (brickworks).
Immediate neighbours: Arnott, Mrs Rose, Bond (Bill, Marie & 8 children), Wiggins (Vern, Beryl & Paul, Robyn, Julie & Greg)
Over the back fence were Amos Woods & Mrs Crowe

Wall 30 Southway
Withers 30 Southway
Briggs 30 Southway
Brewer 30 Southway


My Great Grandfather & Grandmother shifted into this house when it was first built. (Early 1920's? until about 1950) WH (Dad) Brewer who managed the brickworks and later leased it from the SEC and ran it as a private business died in 1948 and his wife shifted to Murrumbeena to live with her daughter Rose Withers soon after. I have a partial photo of the house taken in 1924 that shows part of the arch on the front porch. The photo also shows a brick house to the left of # 30. I have to say that the plan shown does not appear to be 30 Southway but rather the house to its left in my photo. The plan does not show the archway that appears in the photo.