8 Tanjil Crescent

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Tanjil Crescent
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Memories Resident Family House

We had moved from 66 Eastern Ave, East Newborough. Happy to live in a beautiful town, which had a cinema, shops, swimming pool and sports ovals. I was a member of GFS - Anglican Church and a "Keen Teen" marching girl - coached by Mr Webster. Very happy time - after living in a "migrant town" with no facilities. My mother was finally happy living here.
Immediate Neighbours: 10 - McIntosh; 6 - Burgoyne
Nearby Neighbours: Sambell; Norden; Goss; Horscroft; Field; Lakeman

Atkinson 8 Tanjil Crescent
Foley 8 Tanjil Crescent

Mrs Joan McMicken was a teacher at YHS

McMicken 8 Tanjil Crescent


My father Peter lived at 8 Tanjil Cres. Aubrey was his older brother. The Foley's living there would have been Roy (my Grandfather), Rita (my Grandmother), Maureen, Barry, Lorraine, Aubrey, Peter & Beverley. My father bought what was one of the first TVs in the area for my Grandmother to watch the 1956 Olympics. My father later returned to live in Yallourn in Parkway opposite the pool with my mother (Pam) and two children (Alister and Michael).


Occupied by McMicken family from mid 1996 to December 1972

Father Alf McMicken - Engineer
MOther Joan McMicken - Secondary School Teacher

Susan 1954
Christopher 1956
David 1959
Robert 1961
Kathryn 1963

Alf was involved with Yallourn Madrigals and played organ at Yallourn Presbyterian Church


Foley family definitely there in 1956, the first in the area to have a TV. The Atkinsons came after them.