14 The Angles

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The Angles
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A corner attic house - brown weatherboard, 2 storey, mostly lino with some carpet.

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Memories Resident Family House

Lots of fruit trees and climbing trees. Playing on and under stairs (cubby house). Chook pen that my brothers had crayfish in. I remember seeing the elephants from the circus walking down the road towards the ovals...Veronica & Paul

The briquette factory was noisy all the time and much coal dust everywhere, including in the roof. Every one was friendly enough but looking back, 40 years later, it seems pretty dismal now...Aubrey

Immediate Neighbours: Knight
Across the road: Bradbury, Mrs King

Walsh 14 The Angles
Bowles 14 The Angles
Adams 14 The Angles
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Walker 14 The Angles