11 Tyers Avenue

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Tyers Avenue
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Rough cast 2 bedroom, lounge, kitchen. Lino in kitchen, carpet squares and runners on floorboards. Wood fire in lounge and wood stove in kitchen. Copper in wash house to wash clothes. Chip heater in bathroom at first, replaced with electric water heater

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Memories Resident Family House

Joan and myself moved into 11 Tyers Ave in Sept 1963 - newly married. This house was supplied to my employer - State Bank of Victoria - for use by their staff. We had a car fridge, card table and 2 borrowed chairs and a mattress on the floor for the first month, waiting on our new furniture. Joan was a theatre nurse at the Yallourn Hospital and on call, so we got a phone - marvellous!! Our neighbours were Allan & Effie Humphreys, the Clayton's, Sally & Bill Bendle and later on, Don & Joy Francis and their family. We moved to Newborough early 1970s. We had 3 children by then and Jayman arrived later on. Keith now lives in Malaysia, Kym in Eltham and the two boys in Warragul.
Immediate Neighbours: Allan & Effie Humphreys; Kevin & Wendy Pendergast
Nearby Neighbours: James & Faye Evans; Bill & Sally Bendell; Don & Joy Francis (Doug played cricket with Don Francis)

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