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Plenty of coal dust - but a happy place to live. No 1 oval at briquetting factory. School excursions (by train) to railway station - as did the circus - which paraded by our home to the oval. 6 o'clock closing when the happy drunks used to stagger up the road to their camp and sometimes found them in our front yard in the morning. The big explosion in the factory when Mr Stack was killed. Learning to swim in latrobe River prior to the big flood, which washed away the swing bridge access to Brown Coal Mine, now Yallourn North. Outside toilet...Marj

A very friendly place to live. I remember the coal dust and not to touch the washing on the line until it was dry...Thelma

Immediate Neighbours: Milner; Brewer; Turner; Stack; Boyes; Johnson; Rusden; O'Shannesy; Kirsten
Nearby Neighbours: Miss Hersey; Renwick; Beulke; Wells; Dunlop; Grubb; Williams; Powell

Barton 32 Railway Avenue
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Barton Children - 2001

Standing: Les, Thelma
Sitting: Marj, Rewa

Barton Children 1933

L-R - Thelma, Marj, Rewa, Les

Bartons 32 Railway Avenue

Standing: Frank Barton (with Mary Wharton), Catherine Barton, Bill Wharton
Kneeling: Les Barton. Thelma Barton, Marj Barton
The picture as talen by Leila Wharton (nee Barton)

This picture is of the Barton family and was taken in the front yard of 32 Railway Avenue in 1940. Frank and Catherine barton moved to Yallourn in 1926 and lived in 32 Railway Avenue (later renumbered to 10?) until their deaths in 1967. They had 5 children - Leila (married Bill Wharton) was born in 1915, Rewa (married David Handley and later George Morris) was born in 1922 , Marj (married Arthur Brogan) was born in 1924. Les (married Mavis Verral) was born in 1925 and Thelma (married David Dyson) was born in 1928.
. Leila and Bill Wharton lived in Westbrook Road ( Bill died in 1968 and Leila died in 1972)
. Rewa and Dave Handley lived in Strezlecki Road, and subsequently moved to Newborough. Rewa lives in Narracan Gardens (both David Handley and George Morris have passed away)
. Marj and Arthur Brogan lived in 2 Boola Crescent and subsequently moved to Trent Street in Newborough in 1976. Marj still lives in Trent Street ( Arthur died in 2004)
. Les and Mavis lived in Moe (Les died in 2002)
. Thelma married David Dyson and lived in various locations including Morwell and Tasmania - they currently live in Bairnsdale.