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Carol - wire fences between houses. Knowing everyone in street. No sewerage, gravel roads, footpaths, Saturday matinees at pictures, swimming pool old and new, open fire, wood stove, no hot water service, chooks, ice deliveries, billy put out for milk deliveries, baker horse & cart, mail deliveries twice a day by a real postie. Serials on radio. Postage stamp machine.
Kay - Hearing the music from the Salvation Army as they walked the streets playing and singing - as kids we would run to get some money to put in their tins when they got to our street; horse-drawn milk cart delivering the milk - you left the empty milk bottles with the money near the front fence; the bread was delivered to the front veranda early in the monring, the money was left in the bread tin; new fences being built between the houses, we got a gate put through to Coulthard's as we were always in each other's place; having a toilet built onto the back of the house near the laundry - what luxury!; having the SEC painters come around and paint all the houses in the street, all slightly different colours; going from a copper washing machine with ringer to a Hoover twin tub; keeping chooks, collecting eggs and occasionally killing a chook for a 'special occasion', plucing etc - yuk - couldn't do it now; the old clothes lines running the width of the back yard, then getting a Hills Hoist; briquette and wood deliveries; at dusk after tea, all the kids gathered to play kick the tin, cowboys & indians, brandy, hide & seek; hopscotch marked out on the footpath or in the dirt driveway; on hot summer nights, dad would pull the TV out onto the front veranda and we would watch tele outside; unlocked doors, we never had a door key until later years and that was only for the back door; whenever you went to visit someone, we always went to the back door and called out your friend's name to come and play; on the weekends in summer, we would spend all day at the pool - mum would bring our lunch in a brown paper bag and throw it over the fence for us; spending the day at the back of the garden nursery catching tadpoles; spending most weekends at Owen's horse farm up the hill behind the garden nursery, brushing, feeding and learning all about horses.

Immediate Neighbours: 12 - Edith Coulthard; 8 - Les Smith
Nearby Neighbours: 1 - Hilditch; 3 - Warren; 5 - Kimberley; 7 - Meadows; 9 - Greer & Tanions; 11 - Scanlan; 13 - Matheson; 15 - Tibbles; 17 - Graham; 19 - Cox; 2 - Lobley; 4 - ?; 6 - Johnston; 8 - Smith; 10 - Benson; 12 - Coulthard; 14 - Humphries; 16 - Morrison; 18 - Apps; 20 - ?

Benson 10 Meadow Lane