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We were lucky to have a bigger house than many but it was cold in winter and the dust always a problem - but our mother coped well with the dust and the very basic facilities - but it didn't worry us children much. We loved the bush nearby to explore - great sports grounds, especially loved that old swimming pool (in the swamp) with its diving tower in the middle. The dirty water never worried us. Also swam in the river, rode bikes everywhere. I always thought the theatre design was rather special but didn't realise how special till I studied Architecture later. The schools were excellent, health facilities good - sports, library etc. Shops a bit limited in our time but better later. We enjoyed our 10 years in Yallourn - great memories.
Before our family was Rev R H Pethybridge and after our family was Rev H W McDonald
Immediate Neighbours: 4 - Mr & Mrs Buller (no children) Only Tennis Court on the other side - High School opposite - St John's Church behind. Back gate gave access to church, town square, shops etc.

Brown 2 Strzelecki Road St John's Rectory