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Memories Resident Family House

David - Bike rides down Coach Rd; Billy carts down the back lane; TV at Mrs Dick's shop (Erica Street) - previously Snapes. Mud sleds down the Driffield Rd embankment. Every fruit tree known to man in the yard. Dad repairing / working on guns in his workshop (Bill Brown Gunsmith).

Janice - riding a homemade billy cart down the lane; making bush huts in nearby bush and summer swims in old and new pool. Our family has fond memories of Yallourn as we all worked in this area after marriage.

Immediate Neighbours: 5 - John, Jean, John Jr & Pat O'Brien; 9 - Don, Betty, Bev & Gayle Malpass
Nearby Neighbours: Ely, Hunt, Guy, Driscoll, Heade, McConnel, Roberts. Across lane that ran behind house and Erica St - George & Joy Smith

Brown 7 Tarwin Grove


Kevin Hales, who came from Bairnsdale, boarder with Bill & Isabel and Ross Brown for 4 1/2 years from May 1962 until January 1967, while undertaking a Fitting & Turning Apprenticeship with the SEC at the Yallourn Operations & Hazelwood Power Station.