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Great plum trees - apricots were only good for the first couple of years. After we'd lived there for about 2 years, we had the phone put on - that was very exciting. We had a very good view of Hazelwood Power Station - when we arrived there were one and a half chimneys. It took about a year for each subsequent chimney to 'grow'. It was very exciting watching the fire that burnt out one of the conveyor systems, can't remember the year. The TV antenna was very tall - I was ony ever game enough to climb about half way up it. Dasher the dog (labrador) lived next door but was owned by No 10 - they also had Mandy the boxer (occupants prior to the Groves moving in). Sandy (golden retriever) was owned by Bruce Betts, but used to spend a lot of his time with me (caused some conflict between Bruce's mum and my mum.) We got a Shepherd/Collie cross called Red - but he was dad's dog - got on well with Sandy. Sandy, and later Hoppy (both cocker spaniels) lived next door. Ian Lynch had Snoopy the beagle - took him a little time to get used to me. Skinny (not his real name) the Boizi lived across the road, as did Dobie the doberman. There was a big black labrador (Spike) up the street, near Tanjil Place. He bit me once, never really trusted him after that.
Immediate Neighbours: 14 - Dinty & Eula Williams; 18 - National Bank Manager with three daughters (?)
Nearby Neighbours: 8 - McMicken (teacher at YHS), Chris & Susan; 10 - Dr Groves (father) taught at Gippsland Inst, Sharon, Karen, David & ?; 32 - Mr & Mrs Lynch, Ian & Judith; 1 (or was it 2?) - Dr Edward (Jack) Holt and wife Jill, Tracey & Trudi - later went to Canada

Clarke 16 Tanjil Crescent
Clarke 54 Banksia Street
Clarke 15 Hazelwood Crescent