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Memories Resident Family House

Only there as a baby - the butcher, baker & milkman came to house.
I remember going next door to Mr & Mrs Rose and being shown the bomb shelter that they had in their front yard. It was amazing when I think about it now. We used to visit my grandparents who did not live very far away in Moondarra Place. We moved from here and went to live at 7 West Cross before I started school.
Immediate Neighbours: Mr & Mrs Rose
Nearby Neighbours: Mrs Huddy (ballet teacher), Mussared, Matthews, Foley

Curtis 14 Church Street

Moved to Newborough in 1964
Immediate Neighbours: Bennett, Johnson
Nearby Neighbours: Gallaway; Thompson; Steffen; Robertson; Shaw; Douglas; Smith; Castmellies?; King; Flanigan; Catchpole; Harkin; Price; Guest; Richards; Cox; across the road - Davey; Mooney; Dermott

Curtis 64 Fairfield Avenue
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64 Fairfield Ave - Curtis Family

Peter & Mary Bennett in the Curtis family backyard at 64 Fairfield Ave

Curtis Family - 64 Fairfield Ave Xmas 1967

Ian, Joan, Sheryl & Russell Curtis - Xmas 1967 - in front yard of 64 Fairfield Ave at their grandfather's house (Leslie Curtis)



Added now...thanks Russell


please be informed there is another sibling in the Curtis family, after Shirley, who is Raymond Curtis..