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Memories Resident Family House

When we first moved in there was nothing but bush behind so we had plenty to do up in the bush, much to the worry of our parents.
Immediate Neighbours: Fletcher family (son Keith); Mr & Mrs O'Brien (daughter Pat - son John)
Nearby Neighbours: Across the road - Ely & Heade. 2 doors away Janice & David Brown

Driscoll 3 Tarwin Grove

My 21st birthday, my marriage and the tallest Xmas tree in Yallourn with lights.
Immediate Neighbours: Kath & Kevin Green
Nearby Neighbours: Across the road - Mr Ingram (Fire Officer); Peter O'Neill (YFC legend)

Driscoll 17 The Angles

I remember milk deliveries (horse & cart), ice man delivery and the Rawleigh's man in his little Austin or Bedford Van. I can also remember the Day WWII ended in August 1945.
Immediate Neighbours: Hyde - daughter Margaret? Son? Other side - Bill & Trixie Spicer
Nearby Neighbours: 2 doors away Ron, John & Trevor McColl; across the road - Wharton

Driscoll 16 Westbrook Road
Driscoll 33 Broadway West