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Memories Resident Family House

Jumping through the attic door and going through the roof and landing on the front verandah at 9 years of age. Close to school, great neighbours, close to old swimming pool.
Immediate Neighbours: George Evans, Horsfield
Nearby Neighbours: Bob Summerton, Gregory, Lanigan, Morris

Embry 29 Fairfield Avenue

Nice house and neighbourhoold. Great memories of school and apprenticeship. Good times in the bush near Rifle Range and Coach Rd Lookout.
Immediate Neighbours: Thornton (left); Renwick (right - facing house). Sagar (back); Dingwall/Murphy; Redmond (back); Vincent; Dunstan; Opposite Boola Cres - O'Brien; Esler; Lacey (hairdresser); Wally Loft; Webster (Strzelecki Rd)

Embry 19 Tarwin Grove