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Memories Resident Family House

Early childhood, chook pens, ice delivered, night-pan collections, horse & cart traffic, walking to kindergarten and primary school.
Immediate Neighbours: Broberg, Ross
Nearby Neighbours: S Harris, Stewart, King

Fleming 19 Broadway West

Most of my memories were here. Lots of time in the bush, walking to school, great autumn colours, claret ashes, school drinks, sport. Basically it's the house I grew up in and I have many wonderful memories of Yallourn while living there. What a town! How lucky we were!...Ian

It was a safe place for families - a place you felt safe going out at night time. Everyone knew you and talked to you. You grew up with kids you knew from State School to High School. Great swimming pool, movie theatre etc. What a waste of destroying such a lovely town - so many good memories. All the neighours knew you and talked to you...Rhonda

Immediate Neighbours: Curtis, Pedley, Rickman, Harkin, Briggs, Vickers, Hanson

Fleming 6 Fernhill