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Memories Resident Family House

Yellow, lino kitchen, red carpet lounge, painted pale blue.
Long walk to and from school but I always loved it. View from Coach Road was fantastic...Irene

Stuart - My room as a teenager was a work of art. The Beatles pictures lined one wall. Beer cans hung from the ceiling . Easy Beats pictures on another wall. A wooden stake hung from the wall above my bed in case of vampire attack.
When I left Yallourn my parents left my room the same.
I came back 5 times in the next 2 years to attend funerals of my friends killed in car accidents, first beautiful Julie Sagar only 18, then a great mate Leigh Setches and Eric Boys - all those friends.
I remember when I came back for Leigh's funeral, I walked straight inside and up to my room. lay on my bed and cried. There was a knock on the door mum and dad came in and dad said we love seeing you come home son but not for this. They sat for ages talking to me.
There is so much I could write about the times I had at home as Julie & Steve George who spent a lot of time there could tell.

Immediate Neighbours: Heskey, then Ledbetter. Handley at the back

Julie Francis wrote: I have lots of good memories of visiting Mr & Mrs Park when Stuart still lived at home and long after he left for Melbourne. I used to go up and we'd have a cuppa and biscuits and play scrabble and I used to make them listen to Paul McArtney's LPs...very long suffering people obviously. One very hot day, Stuart, Kerry, Steve & I were having water fights outside and Mrs Park came out the back door and was drenched by buckets of water - she saw the funny side (eventually)! Still remember Stuart learning to drive his father's manual car up and down the driveway - he would kangaroo hop - so funny! I probably spent more time socialising with Mr & Mrs Pee than I did with my own family back then.

Park 8 Boola Crescent

3 Bedrooms, kitchen, large lounge/dining room, bathroom, long passage way, back porch, laundry & toilet. Copper in laundry for 'boiling' clothes. SEC only used certain colours to paint houses - our kitchen in pale green and the rest in cream.
Washing day - mum would bring in white sheets covered in coal dust.
Dad always had a bonfire for Guy Fawkes - all the kids in the street came - it was a wonderful time.
In the early days, maintenance was always done regularly on house.

Park 9 Broadway West
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