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Memories Resident Family House
Stanger 44 Banksia Street

Happy time. Hard for mum to look after Lauris who had lung complaint and not to be expected to live after many operations.
Immediate Neighbours: Tom Knight; Annie Boag; Bill Hill; Harold Ennis

Stanger 11 Maryvale Road


Tom and Rene Stanger and their family lived at 44 Banksia Street from 1935 until Tom's retirement in 1963. Tom and Rene then bought a home and retired to Chelsea, Victoria to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Tom passed away 3 months after moving to Chelsea on 21 June 1963 age 65. Rene continued to live at Chelsea until she passed away 4 December 1977 age 79.


Tom and Rene Stanger and their family lived at 11 Maryvale Road from 1924 (just after their wedding) until 1935. Tom and Rene now had 3 children and had outgrown their Maryvale Road family home.


Update for full names;
Thomas Carlisle Stanger
Irene Alice Jane Stanger (nee Mitchell)
Raymond Thomas Stanger
Lauris Irene Stanger
Ian James Stanger