No 1 Oval

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No 1 Oval
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In the foreground is No 1 Oval , next No2. then 3 and 4.

No1 had the” famous“ picket fence around it, No 2 had a bike racing track around it past those cypress trees or whatever, No 3 and 4 ovals.

No1 and 2 primarily for footy and cricket and 3 and 4 were used for cricket in summer and soccer in winter. That’s how it went in the 50’s and 60’s anyway. Actually, this is a great photo and you can clearly see the cricket pitches in the middle of No 1 and No 2 ovals.

On No 4 oval (farthest from us), you can just make out the old dressing shed and toilet block to the right in front of that clump of trees.

....Lance White

No 1 Oval
Bull Dozer + Semi near ovals - 1940's No 1 Oval
Football newspaper article No 1 Oval
No 1 Oval No 1 Oval
No 1 Oval - 1940s

A family walking towards the No 1 Oval - 1940s

No 1 Oval
No 1 Oval Flooded No 1 Oval
No 1 Oval Flooded No 1 Oval
No 1 Oval Flooded No 1 Oval
No.1 Oval + Grandstand No 1 Oval
No.1 Oval - (Match in progress) No 1 Oval
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