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1939 Yallourn Football Club YFC

Can anyone add any names. Ken Williams is brother of Geoff, who is featured in FROM THE NEWSPAPERS below.

In 1939 Yallourn Blues played Leongatha in the Central Gippsland FL Grand Final at Trafalgar.
In the above photo, Ken Williams is probably the player fourth from the right in the back row. He is standing next to Col Webster. The captain of the team in that CGFL Grand Final was Bert Downes ( formerly of Fish Creek FC).
The final scores were:
Yallourn: 16. 12. 108 defeated Leongatha: 9.9. 63
Goal kickers for Yallourn: Batson 7 Barton 5 Comber 2 Beulke 1 Williams 1
Best players for Yallourn : Webster Downes Piggott Barton Batson Cosgriff Ashmead Edwards.
The field umpire was Jim Cummins and the gate receipts were £120.0.0. The game was broadcasted by 3UL .
1.Yallourn’s star forward that day was George Batson (ex- Warragul) who played 4 games with St Kilda in 1933.
2: In those years, Yallourn FC had two senior teams known as the Blues and the Golds.

1947 Yallourn Football Club YFC

1947 Yallourn Football Club
Left to Right
Back Row: Owen Cosgrove (goal umpire); Jack Taylor; Allen Jenner; Allan McIntyre; Jeff Taber; Bruce Knight; Joe Kirkup; Maurice Williams; Bob Chancellor (umpire)
Middle Row: George Botten; George Looby; Bill Shaw; Bill Godfrey (Captain); Keith Laurence; Geoff Collins
Front Row: Stan Brown; Ralph Buzzacot; Jack Higgins; Ian Price; Jimmy Shaw

1948 - U18 Yallourn Churches Football Team - Jack Huxtable

Standing: Keith Walker (Goal Umpire), Tom Oswald, Syd Collins, Gerald Knight, Milton Kingsley, John Kirwood, Jim Watt, Bill White, Bob Oswald (Treasurer)
Middle Row: Claude Hayes (Coach), G Christie, Keith Shepherd, Claude Whitbourne (Bub), Jim Shepherd, John Boag, Keith Squires, Jack Huxtable (Secretary)
Front Row: Bill Lawrey, Ken Passey, Kevin Green

(Missing from team photo are Gilbert McPhee, Bill Blackwood and Mick Blackwood)

1948 Yallourn Football Club YFC

Standing: Ray Kitney, ? , Wally George, George Bates, Sam French, Bruce Knight, B Nairn, Peter Watkinson, John Jackson, Ken McColl, Tom Piggett, Kevin Fanning, Bill Harkins, Roy Whelan, Toby Williams, Russell Kingsley
Sitting: Bill Griffiths, Daryl Knight, ? , Simon Shaw, John Price, Cyril Moreland, George Botten, Stan Brown, Frank Kelly (Coach)

Photo provided by Lauris Stanger

1949 Yallourn Football Club YFC

1949 Yallourn Football Club

Back Row: Ian Watt; Cliff Williamson: Des Madden; Allan McIntyre; Ian Robinson; Lloyd Brewer; George Card (Captain/Coach); Bruce Knight; Bernie Nairn; Tom Piggott

Front Row: George Botten; Bill Shaw; Simon Shaw; Bill Godfrey; Ron O’Keefe; Bob McDonough; Max Cordy; Stan Brown

Mascots: Colin Broberg; B Whitmore

1951 Yallourn High School YHS Junior Football Team

Back Row: Brian Church, Warren Wilson, Mike Goyne, Ian Lawson, David Packer, Tom Gretton, Barry Gust
Middle Row: John Brennan, John Pendleton, Peter Hutchinson, Dave Dawson, Doug Prestidge, Murray Wigg, Brian O’Connor
Front Row: Frank Goode, Brian Milkins, Geoff Clark, Kevin Scott

1952 Ted Whitten Plays at Yallourn Football Club Football
1961 Yallourn Football Fifths (Under 15) Grand Finalists YFC

Back Row: Joe Carmody (Coach), John Scott, Graham Douglas, Peter Lock, John Lafferty, Bob Bremner, Gavin Smith, Peter Hannon, Kevin Brogan, Ross Hender, Brian Handley, Gordon Lewis, Peter Lye, Laurie White (President)
Front Row: Damien smith, Max Bradbury, Wayne Lock, Norm Backman, John Baillie (Capt), Peter Jackson, Kevin Ellis, Ian Coad, Wayne King

1966 Yallourn High School YHS Football Team

L-R: Bart Milojevic, ? , Chris House, Alex Valjer, ? , Steven Heddles, Stephen Morgan, David Glover

1973 - YFC Yallourn Football Club Football


Rohan - I recently spoke to J Sheekey about some memorabilia that you had agreed to collect from me please


Hi Rohan
I was wondering if you could scan the photo of Dad Brewer to this site. I would like to a copy of it on behalf of his relatives I am a great-grandson of his. I will also look into possible photos etc that may be held by some of his relatives and pass them onto you if I can. This may take a while.
Geoff Puckridge


Hi Rohan...welcome. The photos sound good and we'd be pleased to have them. LH side panel, click on "Photo", browse and upload - it's pretty straight-forward from there. If you have dates and names, add them as well. Let me know if you have any problems...Julie


Hello ,
My name is Rohan Bounds and iam the The current President of the Yallourn Yallourn North Football netball club.
I have also been the custodian of all football memorabillia and have recently refurbished all photos trophies etc and we have built a room designed to showcase all we have, Iwill post photos of the hall once i work out how to.
Have a great photo of Dad Brewer displayed at the entrance of the memoribillia room.
We also are seeking any Yallourn Footy memoribillia that people may have and are not sure what to do with it.