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1938 Yallourn Blues Junior Soccer Team

1938 Yallourn Blues Junior Soccer Team
Back Row: Bruce Spenser (reserve); Doug Wilson; Tom Melbourne; Ron Welfare
Middle Row: Bob Crookston; Roy Whelan; Ray Stanger; Ray Tate
Front Row: Tom Mills; --- Drane; Don McAllister; Syd Tate; Brian Downey
Coach: Tom Oddy
Photo taken at Yallourn Oval 1938
Syd 'Spudda' Tate (1925 – 2015) later played VFL football for Geelong Football Club between (1947 – 1951) and was a member of their 1951 Premiership Team.

Soccer Club
Boy's Soccer - Under 8 Premiers 1969

Mick Duke (Coach), Mr Kinne (Assistant)
Back (standing): Ian Major, Michael Hutchinson, ? , Ian Nerrie
Front (sitting): Bill Johns, Shane Plautz, Barry Hill, ? , ?

Soccer Club
History of Yallourn Soccer Club YSC - Sale United Soccer Club 1925

Refer Murray Lobley's Episode 2 - History of Yallourn Soccer Club 1920s-1930s

Soccer Club
IMAGES OF YALLOURN - 1951 - Yallourn Soccer Club

Yallourn’s got the cup the city couldn't keep ...and they're the first to take it up-country. Yallourn, Tuesday Victory Ball night at St. John's Hall last night! Yallourn Soccer Club was celebrating its Victorian Junior Amateur Football Association premiership. They're the first country team lo carry the cup away from Melbourne.


Soccer Club
Soccer Club - Men's Team

Back: Frank Mehaffey, Phil Blunt, Rod Sterling, Linton Planner, Billy Hodgson, Colin Ellis
Front: Roy Hainsworth, Bill Fletcher, John Poelsma, Brian Anderson, Stuart Bailey

Soccer Club
Soccer Team - late 1940's

Back Row: George Carr, Brian Douglas, Peter Watkinson, Kevin Powell, Jack Whitbread, Jack Driscoll, Frank McIvor
Middle Row: Bob Pollock, Graham McWilliams, John Lawson
Front Row: Stan Ostlund, Charlie Cullen, Max Collins, ?, Jack Brown,

Soccer Club
Yallourn Junior Soccer Club - Year Unknown

Mike Duke (coach)
Back Row: Peter Brown, ? Barry Hill, Timmy D'alterio, ? , ?
Front Row: Scott Lee, ? , ? , ? Curtis, Gary Plautz, Stephen Husquin

Soccer Club
Yallourn Junior Soccer Club - Year Unknown

Back Row: ? , Scott Lee, ? , Shane Long, ? , ? , ?
Front Row: ?, ? , ? , Dave Fletcher, ?

Soccer Club
Yallourn Soccer Club - 1968 YSC

Men at Back: Alan Ellis, Frank MacKeown, Mick Duke
Boys: ? , Sean MacKeown, Gary Young, Trevor McStay

Soccer Club
Yallourn Soccer Club - 1970s YSC

Metropolitan Division 2 Champions and Federation Cup Winners 1970
Back: John Szabo, Peter Romyn, George Plavins, Vlad Samson, Frank Mehaffey, Brian Anderson
Front: Colin Ellis, Linton Planner, Billy Hodgson, Jos Adrichen, Roy Hainsworth, Johnny Poelsma, Alec Bathgate (Coach)
Small Boy at front: Mark Anderson

Soccer Club