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Memories Resident Family House

Vicki was too young to remember anything at this house.

Baxter 57 Strzelecki Road

Playing until dark in the street—lands, hopscotch, cricket, football, handball, elastic skipping (was it called Chinese skipping?), bike riding. Being able to roam freely, as long as you were home before dark. We used to go exploring in the bush gully behind Jeeralang, picking blackberries and roaming the bush. There was a pine plantation on the corner of Jeeralang and Coach Road, where we used to build pine houses. The milkman delivering milk each evening – we’d try to swing a ride on the truck around the court. The briquette man delivering fuel for the cold winters. The year of the huge hailstorm where rooves were damaged. The earth tremor that shook the town. There was always plenty of kids around playing together and life seemed simple. Yallourn was a fabulous place to grow up. I have so many fond memories of my time there. It is sad that we can’t go back to reminisce, we must do so in our minds.
Immediate Neighbours: Mr & Mrs William Johnson (sons Russell & Stewart)
Nearby Neighbours: Mr & Mrs Ken Pittaway, Tilley, Tabart, Foot, McGrath

Baxter 6 Jeeralang Crescent