Girl Guides - 1964ish

Submitted by Julie George on Fri, 20/08/2010 - 14:13

L-R: ?, Ann McAlister, Rhonda Rogers, Jeanie Abbott, Theresa Gorbal, Pauline Tangey (obscured), ? , Carol-Ann McKean, Kay Bussell, Jeanette Tilley, Beverly Malpass

Pauline Tangey

Wed, 05/01/2011 - 14:37

Apologies if I have repeated the following. Getting used to website. I think this photo was taken at Kernot Hall, Yallourn. The girl's are helping serve supper for a special occassion, perhaps speech night or the school play. There is a similar photo in 1964 pylon.

Girl's l - r: ?, Anne Macalister - Yallourn, Rhonda Rogers - Yallourn North, Jeanie Abbott -Yallourn North, Theresa Gorbal (glasses) - Yallourn North, Pauline Tangey (obscured) - Yallourn North, ? Carol-Ann McKean - Yallourn, Kay Bussell (Kay said, "Yallourn girl's aren't allowed to play with Yallourn North girl's." ) - Yallourn, Jeanette Tilley - Yallourn, Beverly Malpass - Yallourn