Yallourn Primary School

Back: 2nd from left Neil Harrison Gr5
2nd back:5th from left Noel Byron Gr6; 6th from left Peter Bodey Gr5; far right Stephen Thomas Gr5
2nd fron: 3rd from left Christine Kromoloff Gr6; 4th from left David Benson Gr6; 5th from left John Linabury (not sure if spelling is correct) Gr6
Front: 2nd from left Susan Stott; 6th from left Wendy Halkett

John Gloz


Does anyone remember what happened to Susanne Berg? My name was Jennifer Triplett and I was in late primary school with her at Yallourn Primary. I remember visiting her at her house, which was near mine. I lived at 17 Banksia Street. I would love to find her. For some reason I was not in this photo, but I remember most of the other children too.

Back Row: John Gloz, ? , Leigh Setches, Colin Browitt
2nd Back Row: Ken MacRae, Graeme Dinsdale, David Thompson, Colin Fulton, ? , ? , G Dennis, Roger Dolphin, ?
2nd Row: Nellie Jasinski, Merril Potter, ? , ? , ? , Susanne Berg, Bronwyn Webb, Jennifer Baird
Front Row: Vivianne Brown, ? , Merlene Wilkinson, Gail Robertson, Inge Lerche, ? , Anne McLennan, Anne Hurley, Julie Tregaskis
Front: Rosemary Connors
Teacher: Mr Fulton