Related tenancies

Tenancy Address Move in Year Move out year
RidgewayEast_12_Anthony 12 Ridgeway East 1965 1968
StrzeleckiRd_32_Anthony_1974 32 Strzelecki Road 1974 1975

We lived in Ridgeway East in 1966-67. Then moved away and came back to live in Strzelecki Rd from 1974-75.

The children from youngest to oldest were Linda, John, Catherine and James when we lived in Ridgeway East. James was born in Yallourn hospital. When we lived in Strzelecki Rd Fiona and David were the newer siblings there.


Mr and Mrs Jackson lived across the road in number 13 Ridgeway East. Mr Jackson had jeweller shop in Moe where he sold gemstones and jewellery. I remember catching a bus to Kindy and walking to Primary school. I loved going to the pool and the shops and Broadway gardens when Mum took my baby brother to the infant health centre. My first ever time at the picture theatre was to watch Mary Poppins.


Catherine needs to be added to the relationship column for the photos above, she is the one in the red dress