Related tenancies

Tenancy Address Move in Year Move out year
3625 20 Railway Avenue 1969 1973
3698 9 Southway 1960 1969

I used to play with Nola McAuliffe and Jenny Green as we lived on the cnr of railway ave and the angles. Kerry Setches used to be my best friend up until we moved in 1965, at that time she lived in fernhill drive. We used to play in that park all the time. Remember Annette and Brenda long (dad was the ambulance driver and sometimes drove us to school in the ambulance) English Chris and Sandra Beevor lived next door to us for a while them moved back to NSW. There was also the Goss family who lived next door to Vines in Southway. Sorry I could go on as I remember practically the whole neighbourhood.


Dianne McAuliffe & Rhonda McAuliffe are missing from the children listed. Dianne being the eldest & Rhonda the second eldest.