Related tenancies

Tenancy Address Move in Year Move out year
MeadowLn_17_Tibballs 17 Meadow Lane 1945 1975

Arthur's wife name was Amy. She was the kindergarden teacher quite a few years (not sure of the dates). They retired to Inverloch.

Mrs Tibbals was the Kindergarten teacher in 1951 and 1952 when I attended the Kindergarten - the other teacher was a Miss Ward, Mrs Tibbals seemed to be there forever.


(Oh, Mrs Tibballs not Mrs Tibbles.)
it is likely the 1968 Yallourn preschool class photo that has been posted on this website with the teacher, shows the above mentioned Mrs Tibballs.
Amy Tibballs is also mentioned on page 43 and page 197 in the book; 'Digging People Up For Coal, by Meredith Fletcher. Melbourne University Press 2002. Page 197 talks about when Mrs Amy Tibballs used to play piano at many kindergarten and school breakups...