House Number
Street Name
Allambee Crescent
Plan number

This house plan was reversed as no other available.

Related tenancies

Tenancy Family Move in Year Move out year
AllambeeCres_10_Norden_1948 Norden 1948 1953
AllambeeCres_10_Black Black 1955 1975
AllambeeCres_10_Harry_1953 Harry 1953 1954
AllambeeCres_10_Bain_1975 Bain 1975 1976

At No. 10 The Blacks were there after the Nordens - ? and ? , with daughter Wendy.

At No. 8 - after Lansells were the McDonalds - Bob, Babs, son Robert and daughter Margaret.

No. 12 was usually occupied by hospital staff - Ryle was Dr Ryle, then Cadwallada, then Reg Water (Radiologist), with children Pam?, Paul, and twins Jackie and Cecily.


This plan is incorrect for No.10.
The House at No. 10 was the MIRROR of the plan shown, rotated about the Section A axis.
i.e. the kitchen at the bottom and the front door at the top.