House Number
Street Name
Banksia Street
Plan number

3 bedroom

Related tenancies

Tenancy Family Move in Year Move out year
BanksiaSt_14_Grant_1946 Grant 1946 1956
BanksiaSt_14_Miltiados Miltiados 1956 1971
BanksiaSt_14_Korevaar_1972 Korevaar 1972 1972

The Grants lived here after living at 57 Strezlecki Road. We were here until September 1956 when we shifted to Newborough.
My father ran a part time shoe repair business from the house until 1951 when he opened up a shoe repair business near the picture theatre on the site where the library was built.
We never had a car until 1955 and Ian and Frank Hamilton used to take me and my brother for trips around the valley.