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Westbrook Road
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Related tenancies

Tenancy Family Move in Year Move out year
WestbrookRd_14_Jackson Jackson 1962 1966
WestbrookRd_14_Freeman Freeman 1967 1976
WestbrookRd_14_Spicer_1938 Spicer 1938 1961

Up until the early 1960's, Bill and Trixie Spicer lived at 14 Westbrook Rd. I think that prior to Westbrook Rd, that they lived in Office Place. Bill was a carpenter and Mrs Spicer was an excellent pianist and played regularly with local bands. They did not have any children. After retirement they moved to Williamstown where, I think, they had lived previous to Yallourn. They had family in Williamstown. Their garden always looked perfect. They were very good neighbours.

Winton McColl