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50 YEARS AGO - 1971

Some readers may remember this chemistry classroom at the Yallourn High School. The photograph was taken in 1971; and it is possible, although not verified, that the teacher shown is Mrs Wallis.


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SUMMER - 1930.

The photograph of an idyllic swimming scene at the Latrobe River in the 1930’s was taken by one of Australia’s most eminent photographers James Pinkerton Campbell (1865-1935). An article about this celebrated resident of Yallourn can be found at:

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THE SAD PASSING OF JACK VINALL - above photo taken in 2014 at Jack's home

One of the great personalities of Gippsland, Jack Vinall, passed away at his home in Creamery Road, Yinnar, on Monday, 25th January 2021. Jack Vinall, who was student at Yallourn High School in the 1940’s, played more than 200 games with the ‘Blues and was a prominent player in the Central Gippsland Cricket Association.

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Back Row: *, *, Ian, Glen?, *, *, Roland, Phillip, Geoff, Ronny.

2nd Back Row: Jenny, Glenda, *, Jacquie, Joanne, Valerie, *, Trudy?, Linda Mr Weibusch.(Graeme)

2nd Row: Stephen, Rodney, Tim, *, Phillip, Neville, Ernie, Ross, Rick, Graeme, Michael, *, David, Mark.

Front Row: Karen, Brenda?, Wendy, Kathy, Julie, *, Wendy, *, Julie.

Front Kneeling: Graham, Marty and Dave.

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Yallourn - Year by Year - 1927

The first sod in the Victorian Government’s  ambitious scheme,  to establish a power generation plant  at Yallourn,  was turned almost a century ago (1921);  and for the next six decades  the township of Yallourn ‘took root, bloomed, withered  and  died’….

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Sydney Boyle & Dilys Ingram were living in Chester England in 1949.

One day Dilys said, “Haven’t you got any ambition?”

“Such as ….?”

“Well, migrating or something like that.”

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1958 Victorian Junior Road Championship.  Won by David Hoffmann on the left of photo, Robert Johnstone in the middle and Michael Absolm

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This photograph of the Yallourn Reds Under: 10 soccer team was taken in 1971.  It is hard to believe that some of the youngsters, in the above team, will be approaching their 60th birthdays in 2021. The boys in the team are:

Back Row: Stephen Husquin, Mark Husquin, Daniel Wallace-Crabbe , Stephen Lightbody, Maurice Lyons, Shane Plautz, Robert McMicken, Michael Hutchinson

Front Row: David Curtis, Trevor Langmaid, Barry Hill, Ian Nerrie

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A Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year to all our contributors and readers; and sincere thanks to those people who forwarded stories, comments, photographs and memorabilia to help build the history files of  the Virtual Yallourn website.  Thank you. Your contributions were valued and appreciated.

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Kindly scanned and submitted by Robin Fitzgerald. To view, please click on pdf below.

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CAN ANY READER  ASSIST - Lt. Arthur Schaschke?

The above extract, regarding Lt. Arthur Schaschke, of Yallourn, was discovered ‘by accident’ in ‘The Canberra Times’ (January 1st 1965) on a page which listed the New Year’s Honour List for 1965. Lt. Schaschke was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) for bravery during a military exercise known as ‘Operation Blowdown’ in 1963.

The AWM records indicate that Arthur served in the Australian Army from 1960-69 (Service record number: 18551)

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A most respected local identity, in the health and welfare of Yallourn residents, Matron Madge Allan, retired in 1950.

Sister Allan arrived in Yallourn (following her appointment by the Yallourn Medical Fund Committee) in 1927; and later became the first Matron of the Yallourn Hospital (when it opened in January 1929).  

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Readers of this website and former residents of Yallourn will be saddened to hear of the recent passing of well-known Yallourn and Morwell identity Alan Ripper.

Alan passed away at his home at Lake Cathie (near Port Macquarie) on Wednesday, 14th October. He was 81 years of age.

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With the AFL Grand Final ‘just around the corner’, it was thought that the attached action photographs, from the 1939 Central Gippsland Grand Final, may be of interest to Virtual Yallourn readers.  

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The first sod in the Victorian Government’s  ambitious scheme, to generate electricity at Yallourn, was turned almost a century ago (1921); and for the next six decades, the township of Yallourn ‘took root, bloomed, withered  and  died’….

“Yallourn was swallowed by the coal mine it was built to serve”… ‘The Herald Sun’ May 2016.

In this history series for the Virtual Yallourn website, the monthly activities, shown in each year, are not necessarily momentous occasions in the town’s history but simply attempt to further highlight the personalities of the town and the myriad of events that made the local (and often national) news.

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Title: First payday on brown coal mine works area.

Caption: Shows seven men, all smiling, some holding pay envelopes.

Source: State Library of Victoria  (Date 1920-30)  Identifier:  H2009.18/359 

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Lt Horace Lynch was demobilised from the Australian Army in January 1920, after serving in Gallipoli & the Western Front for 4 years. He returned home to Broken Hill, where he completed his Engineering Apprentice ship with Zinc Corporation. Horace's father & J M Bridge, the first Yallourn General Superintendent, both worked at Zinc Corporation. In 1922, Horace accepted a Maintenance Engineering position in the Yallourn Coal Supply Department, hence he was one of the original engineers employed by the SECV. After living in the Single Men's Quarters, he married Mary Wilson & moved into 12 Maiden Street as it's first tenants in 1923. The Lynch's subsequently lived at 24 & 32 Hillside, finally leaving in 1957 after 35 years of Yallourn residency.