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It is recorded this photograph was taken at the 1931 Grand Final of the Central Gippsland Football Association at Trafalgar. The steps of that ‘famous grandstand’ can be seen in the background. The players from left to right are: Peter O'Neill, Jim Milne, Ted Hassett, Alan Hutton, 'Skipper' Scott, Keith Shepherd, P 'Plugger' Culph, H 'Mossie' Crawford, J. Brookes, Percy Palmer, R. Smith, Jack Piggott, Stan Comber, Ernie Davies, Hugh Graham, A. 'Skinny' Pratt, P. 'Tiger' Page, Les White and Harry Caddy.


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AMATEUR VIDEO CLIP - Source: Bruce Lucas - Heather Grove Little Shop

The year is guessed to be 1963 or 64.

The first part is Allan Lucas kicking the football to Brian Lucas in the front yard of the house which was attached to the little shop at 6 Heather Grove. The Lucas family lived and ran the Little Shop from 1962 to 1965, although Bruce did stay on for a short time with Mrs Eastick and son, Graham, after they took over in 1965.

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YNPS - 1968 Grade 4

Back Row:  Sue Passey, Corrine Smyth?, John Sidebottom, Albert Gned, ? , Russel Bechaz, ? , Daryl Crane, Gail Pearson, Karen Burns 2nd Back Row:  Julie Wilson, Suzanne Shankland, ? , Leanne Lawry, Wendy Foley, Sylvia Houghton, Michelle Cameron, Janine Nash, Terry McKenzie, Miss Cantwell (Teacher) 2nd Row:  Adrian Mann, Christopher Smith, Gary Byrne, Lindsay Taig, Jeff Cook, Colin Yeomans, Colin Wells, Peter Crooks, Gary Murphy, Billy Hamilton Front Row:  Susan Cairns, Ann Smith, Shane-Maree Rawiller, Marjorie Oakley, Karen Cook, Jan Radford, Kaye Mclnnes, Peta-Lee Leslie, Joy North Seated with plaque:  Graham Rooney, Wayne Frost

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YNPS - 1967 Grade 3

Back Row:  John Sidebottom, Graeme Renwick, Albert Gned, Gary Suckling, Gary Byrne, Ricky Pemberton, Jeff Cook, Rainer Leutjens, Lindsay Taig, Adrian Mann, Billy Hamilton, Dennis Minster, Daryl Crane, Wayne Frost Middle Row:  Leanne Lawry, Sue Cairns, Kaye McInnes, Marjorie Oakley, Jane Murray, Miss Cantwell (Teacher), Karen Cook, Shane-Maree Rawiller, Jan Radford, Wendy Foley, Anne Smith, Jasmine Jornic? Front Row:  Karen Burns, Julie Wilson, Gail Pearson, Terry McKenzie, Sylvia Houghton, Peta-Lee Leslie, Janine Nash, Michelle Cameron, Jenny Fyfe, Christine Bowman, Sue Shankland, Sue Passey

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Back Row:  ? , ? , Ann Smith, Sue Cairns, Leanne Lawry, Jenny Fyfe, Gary Suckling, Graeme Renwick 2nd Back Row:  Michelle Kelly, Kaye McInnes, Marjorie Oakley, Nada Marinkovic, ? , ? , Jane Murray, Karen Cook, Gail O'Donnell 2nd Row:  Teddy Simic, Peter Crooks, Chris Smith, Colin Briggs, ? , ? , Ricky Pemberton, Gary Byrne, Colin Wells Front Row:  Sue Passey, Gail Pearson, Julie Wilson, Christine Bowman, Peta-Lee Leslie, ? , ? , ? , ? Seated with plaque:  Wendy Foley

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Title of photograph:  ‘1923-Sister Catherine and her shack. West Camp’

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Back Row:  Peter Crooks, ? , Wendy Foley, Karen Cook, Marjorie Oakley, Leanne Lawry, Sue Cairns, Kay McInnes, ? , ? 2nd Back Row:  ? , ? , ? , Jane Murray, Shane-Maree Rawiller, ? , ? , Nada Marinkovic, ? 2nd Row:  ? , Gary Suckling, Teddy Simic, Gary Byrne, ? , Jeff Cook, ? , ? , ? , Ricky Pemberton Front Row:  Wendy Fyfe, Julie Wilson, Peta-Lee Leslie, Michelle Kelly, Ann Smith, ? , Christine Bowman, Gail Pearson, Sue Passey Seated with plaque:  Graeme Renwick


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Yallourn High School Teachers - 1974

Back Row: Mrs Hanlon (Librarian), Ian Wallis, Kerry Ball, Peter Stretton, John Waterson, Bill Roots, Dave Dobinson, Larry Riley, John Benson, Mr Johnson, Phil Nash, Neville Rowley, Mephan McEwin

Front Row: Annette Harvey, Lois Groves, Shirley Brown, Alistair Balfour (Principal), Wally McKenzie, Trudy Monk, Carol Pye, Margaret Crosby, Shirley Crookes (Office), Mrs Butcher (Office), ? , Paula Harsant

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Yallourn High School Teachers - 1976

Back Row: John Waterson, Richard Gubbins, Neville Rowly, Gary Batey, Phil Nash, Dave Dobinson, Bill Roots, Joe Carlsson, M Evans Middle Row: Trudy Monk, ? , Carol Pye, Lois Groves, ? , Rhonda Pither, Paula Harsant, Ian Wallis, Mephan Mackenzie McEwin Front Row: Mrs Butcher (Office), Kerry Ball, Shirley Crookes, Laurie Huffer, Mrs Pattle (Library), Margaret Crosby, Mrs Volny

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YHS 1971 - Form 1 Girls

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YHES (later YHS) students doing a Quaker Dance in Broadway Gardens - 1939

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First headmaster and pupils - 1923

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The first sod in the Victorian Government’s ambitious scheme to generate electricity at Yallourn was turned more than a century ago (sometime around 1920);  and for the next six decades  the unique township of Yallourn ‘took root,  prospered , bloomed, withered  and  died’….