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Title: First payday on brown coal mine works area.

Caption: Shows seven men, all smiling, some holding pay envelopes.

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Lt Horace Lynch was demobilised from the Australian Army in January 1920, after serving in Gallipoli & the Western Front for 4 years. He returned home to Broken Hill, where he completed his Engineering Apprentice ship with Zinc Corporation.

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This terrific photograph of two young girls from Yallourn, Susanne Fewster and Dianne Stevenson, was part of an S.E.C promotional article regarding the town library in 1952.

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Source: ‘Weekly Times’   November 7th 1951.  Page:  19

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Ken, Josephine & Michael Lamin moved to Yallourn on the 5 July 1955 to live at 25 Driffield Road. Ken, a mining engineer, had accepted an Engineering position in the Investigations Section, headed by Tom Adams.

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Pictured - John’s retirement day - Springvale High School in April 1964

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This photograph was taken at the 50th Anniversary of the Yallourn Golf Club in 1976 . More than 250  people attended the celebrations which were held in the YGC clubrooms .

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Chris Francis, Dianne Robertson, Sandra Prust

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Helen Gregson, Max Fox

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1930s (front) & 1940s (back)

Standing:  Jim Donnet, Mardi Pettigrew, Kay Spurrier, Bev Gregory, Dorothy Andrews, Bruce King

Seated:  Helen Gregson, Max Fox

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Back Row:  Collin Johnston, ? , Barry Gust, Stan Hunt, ? , ? , Bob Vincent, Henry Winters, ? , Tric Austin, Veronica Lacey, Carole Hunt

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1960-64 - photographer Albie Kenny

Back Row:  Pamela Daddo, ? , Jeannie Abbott, Liz Aspinall, Merlene Wilkinson, Graeme Dowers, Merril Potter, David McLennan, Anne McAllister, ? , Anthony Harwood

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1960-64 with Albie

Back Row:  Pamela Daddo, Ann McAllister, Steve Morgan, Graeme Sneddon, Dianne Robertson, Teresa Gorbal, ?, Anthony Harwood, Graeme Dowers, David McLennan, Margaret Horne, John Hall

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Back Row:  Jan Daddo, Jen Henson, Julie Francis, Leonne Krygsman, Anne-Maree Sneddon, Janee Pippen

Front Row:  Danny Burns, John Gloz, Steve Vanyai, David Hoch, Steve Vella

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Back Row: Kendal Taylor, Bernie Austin, Steve Cox, Doris Jaritz

Front Row: Suzy Taylor, Annie Robertson, Julie Austin, Julie Lacey

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Graeme Sneddon, Roslyn Sneddon, Michael Lamin

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Suzy Taylor, Bob Vincent, Jim Marshall

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Dianne Robertson, Sandra Prust, Steve Morgan