The Club was established down on the Latrobe River in 1930. It was located on the road to the Town Water Supply Pump House. The site is still accessible today from the same road which starts opposite Yallourn W Power Station, however it has changed a lot since the early swimming days.
In the early days swimmers had to walk or ride bikes from the town down an old bike track towards the Power Station, turn off before reaching the West Camp and then on past Horrie Devine’s House/ Carrier Business and down the Pump House road. The river was much wider then and the pool area was fenced off. The area had a sandy bottom and beach as well as a pontoon which was anchored further up the river for advanced swimmers. A diving board was located across the river on a rock cliff.

The 25 yard “Herald” certificate was obtained by swimming out to the pontoon. Many candidates were not able to swim back after completing their 25 yard test, and so were returned to shore by Harry Nairn who carried them on his back. The Club was also active in Life Saving Awards and to a lesser degree in competition swimming. Top International swimmers and divers were also brought to the town by the Club to give diving and swimming displays at the old river pool.

Some of the early members of the club executive were Ben Drummond, Harry Nairn, Hugh Graham, Bill Spicer and Nick Bolger, all of whom remained active in the club for most of their working life and many hundreds of children to swim. Hugh Graham was still active with the club teaching Life Saving well into the 1970’s. read the entire article, click on title above and then click on the pdf document link.

Reference Photo

Yallourn Swimming Club YSC


Members of the YSC in front of the 'old' members' tin dressing sheds:

Back Row: Neville Gapes, Jim Richardson, Geoff Hall
2nd Back Row: Janet Walton, Lois Gust, Robyn Garden
2nd Row: Sandra Doxford, Lorraine Dupree, Margaret Wood
Front Row: Heather Stewart, Mary Hutchinson

Yallourn Swimming Club -approx 1961 or 62


Top Row: Erna Kimberley, Ray Garland, Doug Kimberley, Jimmy Fuller, Linton Planner, Geoff Atkinson, Stuart Delahay, Penny Bowler, Beverley Robinson, Martin Dolphin, Carol Ely, Greg McMaster, John Barnes, John Lambert. Bill Ley (Coach).

2nd Row: John Kimberley, Ken Gray, Ian James, Neil Ashmead, Kevin Brogan, Paul Hilditch, Val Humphries, Jill Kitney, Isabel Mc Laren, Jenny James, Julie Graham, Cheryl Pattle, Lois Gust, Gabby Sova, Lorraine Dupree, Otto Ford (Fook) {Coach}

Bottom Row: Sandra Vogel, Trevor Dolphin, John Vines, Marcia McDonald, Pauline Lock, Judy McDonald (partially hidden), Joan Ashmead, Penny Stitson, Suzanne Hilditch, Joan Vickery


What a very interesting article!!! and the original photos of the Latrobe river swimming pool is amazing - what a pity it got swept away. Was great to see the photo of the 1960's swimming club a lot of well known names and faces there! Plus you Moe info Kevvy about "Cookie" the policeman and Larsens Jewellers connection. (you should write more articles you are a wealth of information!!!!)


Hi Helen - this is still a 'work in progress' - Kevin is updating it to include the 1960s. Also to come shortly are all the SEC Contact Magazines mostly from the 1970s but some also from 1960s and 1980s so stay tuned.