Woorabinda Camp

Graeme Sneddon, Margaret & Steve Morgan

Sue Harwood & Mavis McAllister

Frank Widdows & Julie Francis

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Yallourn Reunion - 1 March 2014 Attendance List Page 1

Kay Spurrier, Dorothy Edwards, Julie Francis & Judy Ross

Alec Shaw, Kay Spurrier, Anne Boag

Helen & Maureen Austin collecting their lunch

Graeme Sneddon & Albie Kenny eating lunch

Euan Browitt, Lois Gust, Murray Wigg & Lyn Nash

Bev Malpass, Chris Vincent, Irene & Joy Rickman

Bernadette Curran, Pat Boag, Rosaleen Padget & Shirley Boag

Kevin & Kay Speairs, Rodney & Warren Pye

Bruce King, Val & Marj Fankhauser

Anne Boag & Norma Nevill

Barb Comber & June Blenkiron

Leonie Crozier, Kendal Taylor & Donna Leggett

Sandra Prust, Dianne Robertson, Judy Williams, Dianne Charleston, Pauline Lock & Carole Sagar

Jenny Gibby, Dawn & Eddie Wissmer, Julie Francis

John Daddo & Roger Smith

Jan Daddo & Jen Henson

McAuliffe sisters - Rhonda, Dianne & Nola

Suzy Taylor, Steve Cox, Donna Leggett & Annie Robertson

Leonie Crozier & Julie Francis

Annette Parry & Joy Rickman

Kevin Brogan, Julie Francis & Max Fox

Dorothy Edwards & Brian Clifton

Kathleen Pulis & Lesley Green

Vincent sisters - Judi & Sylvia

Kevin Brogan, Pauline Lock, Dianne Charleston & Judy Williams

Caitlin Padget, Rosaleen Padget, Frank Widdows

Robyn Baillie, Sue Harwood & Lexine Baillie

Leonne Krygsman, John Gloz & Helene Wall

Anne Boag & Michael Boag

Sandra Daubin, Jenny Gibby, Jenny Kirkham & Maureen Chopping

Andy Smith & Brian Kilday

Dawn & Eddie Wissmer

Judy Ross & Pauline Lock

Bruce King, Marita & Peter Lock

Marg Browitt, Sylvia Vincent & Elizabeth Kempster

Barry Gust & David Andrew

Geoff Daddo, Jen Henson & John Daddo

Rod Catchpole, Cheryl & Dennis Ross, Ross McLeod

Kay Spurrier, Lyn Nash, Dorothy Edwards, Bob Nash, Lois Gust

Dorothy Edwards, Bob Nash, Lois Gust, Murray Wigg

Helene Wall & Andy Smith

Helene Wall & Barbara Hunt

Gathering of the clan

Judy Ross, Barry Gust, Murray Wigg, David Andrew

Pat Boag and son, Frank Widdows

Two sisters - Chris & Julie Francis, with Graham Beanland in background

Two sisters - Pat & Anne Boag

June Blenkiron, Barb Comber & Jean Hattam

June Blenkiron & Jean Hattam

Carolyn Allan & Grace Muscat

Groups - 1970s
Back Row: Bernie Austin, Julie Austin, Kendal Taylor, Doris Jaritz, Willy Charalambous, Julie Holland
Middle Row: Debbie MacKeown, Wendy Hunter, Donna Leggett, Annie Robertson, Leonie Crozier, Suzy Taylor, Veronica Walsh, Katrina Walsh
Front: Steve Cox

Group - 1965-69
Back Row: Carolyn Allan, Leonne Krygsman, Dianne Downey, Viv Brown, Ron Boskma, Julie Francis, Sue Harwood, Lexine Baillie, Robyn Baillie
Front Row: Rodney Pye, Warren Pye, John Gloz, Jan Daddo, Jen Henson, Steve George, Nola McAuliffe, Frank Widdows

Group - 1960-64
Back Row: David McLennan, Wayne Lock, Alan MacRae, Daryl Young, Rhonda McAuliffe, Dianne McAuliffe, Barbara Hunt, Helene Wall, Helen Austin, Val Fankhauser, Chris Francis, Dianne Robertson
Middle Row: Peter Lock, Pauline Lock, Dianne Charleston, Carole Sagar, Steve Morgan, Sandra Prust, Graeme Sneddon, ? , Ann McAlister, Anthony Harwood, Anna Milanovic
Front Row: Judy Williams, Janice Cook, Irene Rickman, Bev Malpass, Teresa Gorbal, Albie Kenny, Peter Jackson

Group - 1956-59
Back Row: Colin Ellis, Annette Parry, Joy Rickman, Judi Vincent, Sylvia Vincent, Ann Clark, Marje Gray, Margot Teasdale, Marilyn Kennedy, Alan Tatlow, Tric Austin, Kathy McColl, Carol Hunt
Front Row: Collin Johnston, Jim Collins, David Grant, Chris Vincent, Brian Kilday, Rod Thompson, Colin Nash, Jenny Gibby, Jenny Kirkham, Tony Hoffman, David Lewis

Group - 1930s & 1940s
Back Row: Brian Clifton, Pat Boag, ? , Mavis McAllister, Syd Davies, Helen McLennan, Graham Beanland, David Andrew, ? , Euan Browitt
Front Row: Dorothy Edwards, Kay Spurrier, Anne Boag, Sylvia Rainbow, June Blenkiron, Eril Stephens, Barb Comber, ? , Tom Pritchett, Maureen Pritchett, Bruce King, Marj Fankhauser

Group - 1950-1955
Back Row: Kevin Speairs, Dennis Ross, Bob Nash, Judy Ross, Murray Wigg, Rod Catchpole, John Heskey, Trevor McColl, Bill Houston
Front Row: Lesla Fankhauser, Henry Winters, Barry Gust, John Catchpole, Stan Hunt, Lois Gust, Kathleen Pulis

Attendance List - Yallourn Reunion - 1 March 2014
(Some of those who didn't register prior to the reunion may be missing from this list.)
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If anyone is worried about the Fire at the Hazelwood Mine ,affecting the Reunion , It is to the East ,and not affecting the area . I live in Newborough and ,we have not had any Smoke or Ash from it .


We attended the Reunion , had a great time caught up to a no of people ,had not seen for years , Wife caught up to some girls from her School she had not seen ,since leaving there .


We attended the Reunion , Caught up to a lot of people from the past, had good talk to them , everyone was very friendly and happy . Wife Caught up to some girls ,she had not seen since leaving School .
Regards Trevor


Attended Reunion, there was a good turnout of 'the Class of 56', thought it was a great event, look forward to next one, congratulations to Jules and Committee.
Nashy from Noble Park