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June 1997 Newsletter - James (Jim) Garvin (1905 - 1963)

James (Jim) Garvin (1905 - 1963) Jim Garvin was born in Bendigo and educated at Melbourne Working Man's College (later Royal Melbourne Technical College). After teaching in Melbourne, he came to Yallourn in 1926 as a Survey Assistant (salary 231 pounds per year). Single accommodation was provided in four man tents at the Western Camp. In 1929, Jim transferred to an Engineering position with the Construction Section for two years. Jim married Ellen (Nell) McKie in March 1930 and they moved into a two bedroom timber house at 7 Heather Grove in May 1930, where they lived until 1937. During… more

June 1996 Newsletter - Marion Kossatz (O'Hara) YHS 1947

Marion Kossatz (O'Hara) YHS 1947 Wrote to say it has been a long time since she has received such a lovely surprise in the mail (or anywhere else!!) and that was our Newsletter. Marion transferred in from NSW to YHS Form 3 and spent some of the happiest years of her life there. In 1949 and 1950, she was Captain of Flinders House, a Prefect and the Editor of the Pylon. She gained her Matriculation Certificate in 1950. For some months, she lived on a farm at Morwell North, walking to the APM, catching a bus to Morwell and then waited for the next bus to YHS. Her times were 6.1Sam leave home… more

June 1996 Newsletter - John Langford YHS 1949

John Langford YHS 1949 (brother of Ruth Young) Recalls some of his school years: "High School was like a burst of sunshine after Primary School. Mr Champion was the Headmaster. He rode a bicycle to and from school at negative velocity. Other early 50's teachers I remember were Mr Mee, Miss Hanna (on whom I had a crush) who worked hard to encourage me in the execution of those dreaded English essays due in on Monday morning; the Wynnes, Messrs Stewart, Young, Mitchell, Duffy and Farrelly. In the later years, Mr Ellis assumed command and the teachers that I most recall, or is it revere, are… more

June 1996 Newsletter - Henry Winters YHS 1954-58

Henry Winters YHS 1954-58 then Tech Trade Part Time and Night School 1959-62. His form was 1C in Room 10 - an army style portable building west of the main quadrangle. For a fresh-faced, unsophisticated and naive 11Y" year old, Henry thought his form teacher - Shirley Mason (now McCasker) was so absolutely gorgeous - a person with such command and elegance. Some of the students of that year were Peter Bavington, David Sloan, Noel Sonerman, Russell Williams, Terry Comber, Brian Wallace, Sidney Goidois and Jessie Grima ... girls weren't an interest in those days - it was billy carts and… more

June 1995 Newsletter - Marie McFaul (Elmar) (YHS 1947)

Marie McFaul (Elmar) (YHS 1947) Wrote with the following news and memories, which I'm sure she won't mind sharing with you: "I did enjoy the barbeque at Mr & Mrs Esler's property at Nicholson once again. My friend, Ann Roughead (Griffiths) from Leongatha was able to come with me for the day. We only attended YHS for the Leaving and Matriculation years in 1947 & 1948, but found the Principal, Mr Menadue, and staff and the people of Yallourn just so friendly that we have very happy memories of our time there. I would also like to send best wishes to Bev James; Kath Fitzpatrick (… more

June 2013 Newsletter - Warren Wilson YHS 1950

Warren Wilson YHS 1950: I really enjoyed reading Reg Penkethman’s article in the Jan 2013 newsletter, which brought back a lot of memories. Reg was one of my fellow students at YHS during the years 1950-1953. I remember Reg as a good scholar, which is reflected in his interesting article. I also remember some of the boys’ names – Bob Nash, Frank Jewell, John Quinlivan, Anthony Dawson, Murray Wigg, David Munro, Brian O’Connor and Barry Gust to name a few. I do agree with Reg that the YHS girls were the best looking girls anywhere but I will hold off on naming any names. For those who may… more

June 2013 Newsletter - Thelma Collinson (Sharman) YHS 1943

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Thelma was born in Yallourn to Richard (Syd) and May Sharman, who lived in Yallourn North and who both worked at the SEC.
Thelma, affectionately known as ‘Sharman’, was the middle of two siblings, older brother Frank and younger sister Janet who both grew up in Yallourn North. Times were tough for the Sharman family in those early years, not only was there the Depression to deal with, but nature also intervened regularly with devastating floods and bushfires, not unlike what many country towns have to deal with today.
Thelma attended the Brown Coal Mine… more

June 2013 Newsletter - Stan Brown YTC 1939

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Stan was born in 1927 at Morwell to George and Elsie Brown. He was the youngest of 3 (brother Gordon and sister Nola). His father was killed at the Briquette Factory when Stan was only 6. His mother had to take in washing to support her young family, which included filthy briquette factory towels, cleaned at a charge of “tupperance” each. His family were the original occupants of 48 Narracan Avenue in Yallourn and Stan lived there till he was married. His mother remained in the house until she died in 1969.
Stan went to Yallourn State School, then Yallourn… more

June 2013 Newsletter - Richard (Dick) Bush YHS 1955

Dear Miss Jones It’s been a long time. Remember we exchanged letters back in January 1961 when you wrote after I had left school? You were pleased that a good number of us had passed our matriculation and you wished me the best for the future. At the time I thought it was a kind gesture and looking back on it now I see that you and the other teachers really cared about your charges and wanted us to do well. I had just started working in Melbourne and, rather too formally, replied to you on the crisp company letterhead with a fresh letterhead for each page. It turned out to be a rather… more

June 2013 Newsletter - Murray Wigg – YHS 195

Murray Wigg – YHS 1951 – “My reason for writing is to balance the suggestion that the quality of the education at YHS was not all it could or should have been.
Firstly, let us remember we are talking about the 1950-60s when all things were vastly different. I believe the school turned out a great number of good people – academically, socially and morally. YHS produced medical specialists, engineers, scientists, teachers and, in my case, several pharmacist colleagues, who all served the communities they lived in well. With Headmasters like George Ellis, students were taught good… more