AMATEUR VIDEO CLIP - Source: Bruce Lucas - Heather Grove Little Shop

The year is guessed to be 1963 or 64.

The first part is Allan Lucas kicking the football to Brian Lucas in the front yard of the house which was attached to the little shop at 6 Heather Grove. The Lucas family lived and ran the Little Shop from 1962 to 1965, although Bruce did stay on for a short time with Mrs Eastick and son, Graham, after they took over in 1965.

The billy cart section - from corner of Tanjil Crescent down to Tyers Avenue:
First down the hill is Allan Lucas; next is Arnold Sambell; then Bruce Lucas; then Brian Lucas.
Not known to whom the dog/s belong.
It is presumed Tom Lucas (father of Allan, Bruce & Brian) took the movie, so it would be on a Sunday afternoon as that was his only free time from the shop.