These photographs were published in the Yallourn Technical School magazine, known as the ‘Current Call’. The photographs, which were taken in 1959, are of the Junior and Senior Soccer teams.

Members of Yallourn Technical School soccer teams included boys from Malta, Germany, U.K., Holland, France and other European nations. Many of the students were brilliant athletes (and scholars); and several went on to become stars in Latrobe Valley Soccer Association.

The photographs are a fitting reminder of the lasting contribution that thousands of families from Europe made in the economic development of the Latrobe Valley and to the region’s sporting, cultural and social life.

As mentioned in an earlier article on this website…“The contribution of the Maltese (and in this case European) families, of Moe, Newborough, Yallourn, Yallourn North and Morwell, to building the Victorian economy and weaving a strong thread in the social fabric of the Latrobe Valley deserves acknowledgement and admiration.”  Source: Virtual Yallourn.

The staff and students at the YTS were extremely proud of the soccer teams’ successes; and, in 1959, both the Senior and Junior teams were undefeated in their three outings against other local secondary schools.

The results from the Junior School series, in 1959, were:

  • Yallourn Technical School defeated Yallourn High School… 6-0.
  • Yallourn Technical School defeated Morwell High School …6-0.
  • Yallourn Technical School defeated Moe High School… 7-0.

Note: John Gayet, who is shown wearing a tie and jacket (blazer) was born in France and he was a devoted and adept soccer player at YTS. John was one of the most popular students at the school and he became a YTS Prefect.

The Senior team was also highly skilled; and it was recorded that in 1959, the YTS defeated the Yallourn High School 9-0.  Henry Hackenberger, Nicholas Fernbach, Tony Tewierik and Colin Ellis were gifted players for the team.

Colin Ellis captained the YTS Senior team in 1961.  Former residents of Yallourn will remember that the Ellis family members were enthusiastic players of the YSC and the Yallourn Colts Cricket Club. Colin was a resolute opening batsman who could ‘wear out’ the best opposition bowlers with his patient and technically correct style of batting. 

Henry Hackenberger arrived from Germany in 1959; and, not only starred in school soccer matches but was a key member of the YTS swimming team.  Henry also was elected to be a YTS Prefect in 1961.

Some younger readers may be unaware that Yallourn Soccer Club was one of the most successful teams in Victoria; and stories and photographs regarding the accomplishments of the YSC can be found at:


The Yallourn Technical School soccer teams were very talented combinations and, in the above photographs, boys such as Joe Palma, John Teweriek, Fred Hurenkamp were stars for the school and their respective local clubs.

Julie would love to post stories about the various Yallourn school(s) sporting teams; and any readers who can provide photographs and reports are encouraged to contact Julie. Thank you.

This article was written and presented for the Virtual Yallourn website by Roger Spaull and Julie George in April 2021.