The town was eventually dismantled. Most of the timber houses were sold and relocated to other sites, whilst the brick buildings were bulldozed.


G'day all I'm currently making a newsletter for tafe about the relocation of some of the houses in Yallourn and was wondering if any one knows whether any of the houses made it to Wirilda Park in Tyres, I know some made it to Old Gippstown but other than that I really have no idea so any help would be appreciated.

Your endeavoring historian,



hi bevan, im trying to find out where our old holiday house from yallourn came from. I can tell you ours went to 376 national park road loch sport. id love to find out the adress, i have an old photo of when it was relocated and it still looks very yallourn, but my parents cant remember where it came from, were thinking latrobe avenue. i also remember the floor plan well, if anyone reading this can help please let me know,
thanks mike.