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Strzelecki Road
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Weatherboard, 3 bedroom - sat high on block - large block.

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My Father Dave Handley, loved to go ferreting for rabbits around the Trafalgar and Thorpdale Hills. My brother Ken and I (Brian) would tag along and it soon grew into quite a little business. It was not uncommon to bring home up to 100 live rabbits in specially made crates by Dad. From there we would skin and sell them to our neighbours. As the demand grew, the standing-order from customers was: “if the lights are on, knock on the door” which was sometimes as late as 10pm from memory. Another vivid memory of my beloved Yallourn was working at the Yallourn Hotel. Somehow (seems extraordinary looking back) I was allowed to leave St Theresa’s Primary School at lunch time and go to hotel to sell, pies, pasties, and sandwiches. One could hardly move as it was wall-to-wall drinkers. I would then do the same after school. I also sold crayfish and mutton-birds during this 6 o’clock swill period. Norm Byrne Delicatessen hired me. Another fond memory was to watch the footy on Saturday’s when the Blues were playing at home. It was always a thrill to go into the club rooms as a kid to see the senior players. Unfortunately the blues were rarely in the finals during that period, (~1954 - 1960) but that did not diminish my love of the game or the YFC