Marion Kossatz (O'Hara) YHS 1947 Wrote to say it has been a long time since she has received such a lovely surprise in the mail (or anywhere else!!) and that was our Newsletter. Marion transferred in from NSW to YHS Form 3 and spent some of the happiest years of her life there. In 1949 and 1950, she was Captain of Flinders House, a Prefect and the Editor of the Pylon. She gained her Matriculation Certificate in 1950. For some months, she lived on a farm at Morwell North, walking to the APM, catching a bus to Morwell and then waited for the next bus to YHS. Her times were 6.1Sam leave home (dark in the winter) and about 6pm arrive back (dark again). However, she stayed healthy and never missed a day's school. Later, her family moved to Yinnar, where travelling was so very much easier. She remembers having the bus driver pick her up along the Driffield Road, and as she walked, she would recite memorised poetry - Chaucer and Shakespeare - set for the Matriculation class by Mr Mee. Many miles were covered on foot doing this. Marion's two younger brothers, Robert and Denis, were at the school after she left. (Pam Bryan was there too, and later married Robert.) Marion has been in Canberra since 1971 and was not aware of any other ex- Yallournites except the two Marr boys, Fred and Allan. Fred and Marion were in Form 4 together. Marion came to the Back-To in Moe and thoroughly enjoyed herself