Murray Wigg – YHS 1951 – “My reason for writing is to balance the suggestion that the quality of the education at YHS was not all it could or should have been.
Firstly, let us remember we are talking about the 1950-60s when all things were vastly different. I believe the school turned out a great number of good people – academically, socially and morally. YHS produced medical specialists, engineers, scientists, teachers and, in my case, several pharmacist colleagues, who all served the communities they lived in well. With Headmasters like George Ellis, students were taught good citizenship and if they didn’t learn, it was not the teachers’ fault. We also had great sporting results – some going on to higher athletics and VFL football (visit – type in Search (top RH tab) the word “football” to read the stories of many such people). Academically, while in any large group of teachers there will be some weak links, there were many excellent teachers, the late Don Lugg teaching Chemistry comes to mind. Finally, my experience was that I enjoyed a productive 6 years at YHS rounding off some of the square corners and fitting the round hole, so that the 6 years stood me in good stead for the rest of my life. While I do not dispute that many may have a different view, I thought I would like to balance the discussion a little.”