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Roman Catholic Church

We lived in 82 Church Street, Yallourn from 1966, when we were wed, until 1971.
All our 3 children were baptized at St. Therese's Church and for a while I looked after some of the book-keeping for Father Reilly.
We held a school fete each year at the school which was very well attended by parents and children. There was lot's to eat, plenty of fun rides and many items for sale on several market type stalls. I remember keeping up with all the money flow and records one year really did put me to the test.
I was a professional mechanical engineer employed at the Yallourn Power Station so keeping accounts was a little out of my line but I managed OK.

I have one or two family photos of us outside the church and would appreciate someone telling me how I can display these perhaps here or elsewhere.
Thanks for reading this, Robin John BELL, now living in Viewbank, Melbourne. eml: