This photograph was taken at the 50th Anniversary of the Yallourn Golf Club in 1976 . More than 250  people attended the celebrations which were held in the YGC clubrooms .

The above caption included the names of former presidents, captains and life members of the Yallourn Gold Club.  Each member is numbered in the above photograph from 1-17; and the corresponding names are:

1. Betty Hebb, 2. Betty Kite, 3. Peter Jonas, 4. Sue Foster, 5. Bob Guy, 6. Frank Tomlinson, 7. Molly Bowler, 8. Phil Ashmead, 9. Ruth Rutter, 10. Vic Colvin, 11. Olive Colvin, 12. Bill Hebb, 13. Mardi Brown, 14. Jim Irving, 15. Margaret Irving, 16. Terry Salisbury, 17. Win Ashmead.

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The origins of the Yallourn Golf Club can be traced back to 1926 when discussions, regarding the establishment of a nine-hole course, caught the imagination of locals.

It is recorded that, with the enthusiastic efforts of Mr G.D. Jones, the plans came to fruition on June 9th 1927. On that day, Charles Kernot ‘hit off’ and so began a story, about a remarkable local sports club, of which the people of Yallourn can be rightly proud….

“A meeting to establish the Yallourn Golf Club was held at the Yallourn Tennis Pavilion on the 1st of May, 1926. Subsequently, the State Electricity Commission (SEC) advised that they would grant the Club 85 acres of land suitable for a golf course, at a site about half a mile from the Yallourn Township. Plans were prepared for the first 9 holes by Mr. G.D. Jones, an enthusiastic golfer who was also the SEC’s Head Surveyor.

Work began almost immediately on the site, which was located across the road from the Yallourn Hospital. During construction, the newly formed Club conducted its competitions at the Morwell Golf Club on the 9th of June, 1928, the Course was officially opened by the inaugural President of the Club, Mr. C.H. Kernot, who drove the first ball in the 9-hole stroke competition which he subsequently won.”

Source: Yallourn Golf Club website .

This history of the Yallourn Golf Club makes interesting reading and can be found at this link:

A photograph of the original club house, at the links located near the Yallourn Hospital,  can  be seen at :


  1. Mr G.D. Jones, as mentioned above, appears to have been a dynamo in the sporting life of Yallourn in those early years. The Virtual Yallourn website would like to post more details about his contribution to the town. Readers who can assist in this matter are asked to contact Julie. Thank you.

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