House Number
Street Name
Banksia Street
Plan number

Carpet in lounge, lino in the rest of the house. Two bungalows, one shed, one chookhouse in backyard.

Related tenancies

Tenancy Family Move in Year Move out year
BanksiaSt_53_Boag Boag 1935 1980

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how lovely 2 see my grannys + mums home my nieces to! thankyou so much to all who have put this wonderful site 2gether for all 2 see. school photos r gr8 2! thanks x


I moved into this house with parents Annie and Ward Boag in 1935 and sisters Sheila Pat and Joan, later Terry and Ann were born at Yallourn Hospital.Pat became Mrs Frank Widdows and is still alive and well at Ballina. Ann is married to Alec Shaw and lives at Yinnar and I am living at Yallourn North( since 1954) . The people who lived in this address before us was Jim Gardner & family(butchers) Hello to nephew Frank who is the son of my sister Pat


Hello Uncle John! I see you've been actively contributing to the YOGA site, good stuff. Hello to all the family. ... Frank