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Stanger Tom Stanger Rene Stanger

Thomas Stanger moved to Yallourn circa 1920 after 'migrating' from Whitechapel, England - Thomas was in the UK Merchant Navy and jumped ship in Brisbane circa 1915. Thomas joined the Australian Army, Machine Gun Company 10, Reinforcement 6. His WW1 Service Record states he served on the Somme, France.

Thomas was offered a soldier’s settlement acreage in Queensland on his return from Europe after WW1 which he declined.

Thomas relocated to Victoria after WW1 working as a cook in the SEC staff mess at Yallourn.

Thomas married Irene Alice Jane Mitchell, daughter of Charles Bruce Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Milne on 13 September 1924 at the Mitchell family home, 31 Seven Mile Road, Trafalgar, Victoria.

Some of Thomas' other roles for SEC include:
Telpher driver, Yallourn – 5 years - (telpher: small train delivering coal from open cut to bunker)
Fitter's Assistant, Power Station SEC
1946 - 1963 Official Guide Yallourn briquette works, power house and open cut until his retirement. Thomas was in the official party when Queen Elizabeth 2 visited in 1952.

Thomas rode a bicycle to and from work. The family did not own a car.

Thomas passed away 21 June 1963, only 3 months after he retired and relocated to Chelsea, Victoria