ID Title Body Photo
28307 St Therese's School Football Club Junior Champions 1953

St Therese's SFC Junior Champions 1953
Central Gippsland Schools Saturday Football Association
...M Meany

28274 C V Cook Yallourn Watch Specialist Jeweller Memorabilia

Mr Cook was the first jeweller to have his own shop in Yallourn when a few were built in I think the early fifties, maybe late forties, between the National Bank and the picture theatre. Prior to that time, there were very few shops other than the SEC run General Store.

I am not sure that my watch came in this box which my parents gave me, I think for my 18th birthday. As it was a surprise, Mr Cook sent a selection into the National Bank (where I worked) on the pretense of it being for someone else, so I chose it not knowing it would be for me.

I believe Mrs Davey (Norma Hutchinson's mother) worked in the jewellers at some stage, although I don't remember that....Dorothy Andrew (Edwards) YHS 1948

28246 Power Station Plate - Memorabilia

Power Station Plate

28236 Live Wire front page 1932
26721 1971 SCOPE Syllabus held at Yallourn High School YHS - see Memorabilia for pdf document
25045 Yallourn Butchery Postcard
25044 Yallourn Butchery 1940 Letter
24769 Yallourn Cemetery Fees - found in Vic Govt Gazette No 58, 24 July 1963

Now who would even have remembered the Yallourn Public Cemetery or its trustees?

24431 Greetings from The Township Queen Postcard Memorabilia Circa 1920s

This postcard is rare: Yallourn Fire Brigade Queen Carnival??? Greetings from the Township Queen???
A Fire Brigade Hall next to the SSB! Yallourn General Store under construction,all in the 1920's no doubt.
Can anyone throw any light on this?

24402 Yallourn Brick - Memorabilia