ID Title Body Photo
24033 Yallourn Advertising - 1973
24013 Argus - 2 July 1953 - Yallourn Article
23433 Badge - G.S.C Bonfire 1953

Small cardboard badge from the "G.S.C." for a bonfire held in 1953. Does anyone know what "G.S.C." stands for?

23432 Yallourn Hotel Beer Glass

This 'pony' sized beer glass with the "Yallourn Hotel" monogram etched into it has another more interesting side to it. The initials "G.D.B." that's also etched into the glass stands for George Dixon Brown, the original licensee of the hotel. Those that don't remember George would probably remember or heard of "Ma Brown", George's wife who took over the license of the hotel after George died. It took me some time to find out what the initials "G.D.B." stood for but thanks must go to Pat Widdows for helping out in identifying it. (this is not the glass that was sold on ebay recently so there's at least two of these glasses in existence - if there's any more of them out there then I'd like to know?)

23420 26 Banksia St - Widdows Family

1961 - Grade 2B at YPS. Above average in every subject (otherwise this might not have surfaced haha) - Frank Widdows even forged his father's signature!! This brings back the memories of the report card format.

22439 SECV Magazine - 31.8.1946 - Pg 1

Kindly supplied by Helen Hender

22438 SECV Magazine - 31.8.1946 - Pg 6
22437 SECV Magazine - 31.8.1946 - Pg 7
22436 SECV Magazine - 31.8.1946 - Pg 9
22435 SECV Magazine - 31.8.1946 - Pg 25