WELCOME TO VIRTUAL YALLOURN - winner of Commendation Award Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 (two years in a row) from Royal Historical Society of Victoria - journey back with us to the old township of Yallourn in Latrobe Valley, Victoria – a unique town built between the 1920s and 1950s by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) to house their workers and then dug up by the same SECV for the coal beneath in the 1980s. This is the only way we can revisit our town with our children and grandchildren.
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    This rare photograph was unearthed in the ‘Weekly Times’ under the heading of ‘Yallourn War Workers.’
    Caption: ‘ Committee of Yallourn Women's National Emergency Fund, which has sent 1380 parcels to local servicemen and women, and 2600 knitted garments for the Red Cross and A.C.F. : Mesdames B.T. Drummond (Sec.), W.G. Monteith, R. A Hunt (President), H.W. Lynch, R. McGowan (Treasurer), C. Tinker, C.M. Smith, C.T. Habich, E. Madden, W. Kerr, C.F. Jolliffe, L. Dann.”
    Some of the names listed below the photograph were difficult to decipher and apologies for any errors made in transcription of family names. (Roger).
    Source: ‘The Weekly Times’ August 11th 1943. Page: 11

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    Circa 1936 - Joyce, Ena & Verna Withers

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    It wasn’t long after Sir John Monash turned the first sod to commence the SECV’s ambitious project at Yallourn, that the Yallourn Football Club came into being. Wherever there are men, such as in the camps at Yallourn, one will usually find a football match, of some code, being played. Consequently, with hundreds of workers being employed in the Yallourn Project, it was only a matter of time before (i) a football team was formed and (ii) matches between neighbouring towns were organized.

    Yallourn Football Club was founded in 1922; and, under the leadership of Pat Kennelly (later to become a Senator in the Australian Parliament), the club won its first premiership in 1925.

    In the period 1922-1940, the club won eight flags including a hat trick of flags in 1931-32-32. This was Yallourn Football Club’s ‘Golden Era’; and the like of which would never be repeated.

    Not only did the YFC win the widespread admiration of country football followers in that period but also many of the club’s players etched their name into the record books for their ‘on and off’ the field contribution in building and strengthening YFC.

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    Reunion 2019

    Midge Kempster, Lesley Green, Ruth Coster

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    To read this article in full, click on the title above and then click the link below the picture to view the full magazine (pdf format).

    This photograph of the Yallourn Madrigals was taken in 1976; and it is an important image, in terms of the history of Yallourn, as it places on record the names of the members of the choir at that time.

    From the left in the back row: Gwynne Elliott, Linda Hibbert, Ruth Hibbert, Dorothy Cairns, Colin Harvey, Kenneth White, Nancy Embleton, Lois Kemp, Elsie Maddern, Richard Gubbins, David Cousins, John Brown, Bill Adams, Faye Waterson, Sue Bailey and Franz Onger is the conductor.

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    Back Row: Elizabeth Lewis, Sylvia Vincent, Elin Taig, G Morgan, V Kolomyec, Val Humphreys, Ann Vincent
    Middle Row: Iris Ortolja, Diane Morrison, Wendy Black, C Scott, K O'Brien, Elaine Verey, A Theobald, M McLaren
    Front Row: Veronica Lacey, Marje Gray, Edith Jones, Keith Hollingsworth, J Abrecht, Janice Bawden, Gwen Lacey

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    Reunion 2019

    Wayne Lock, David Brown, Avril Brown

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    Reunion 2019

    Veronica Lacey, Heather Norden, Denise Cox, Donna Casey, Lorraine Holt, Brenda Baker, John O'Neill

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    Reunion 2019

    Veronica Lacey, Heather Norden, Denise Cox, Donna Casey, Lorraine Holt, Brenda Baker, John O'Neill, Jane McPherson, Susan Wallace

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